Lanark Fishing Report

Lanark Fishing Report – April

Lanark Fishing Report


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Spring is here!  The bait should be covering the flats off Lanark and the Big Bend.  With it the seasonal big game fish will be in tow!  Cobia, kingfish, tripletail, and tarpon will all be in the sound.   The redfish and trout bite can be outstanding this time of year as well.

I like to target grass lines, docks and the oyster bars on the higher tide.  Topwater plugs should bring some action and good fish.  Vary your retrieval speeds and pattern till you get a strike then repeat.   Using a popping cork with a soft bait or shrimp on jig is another great way to target reds and trout.  Multiple anglers have been sharing pictures with me of big trout and reds being caught over spring break.  Maybe this year the prime time will be a little early?

The near shore game should be on fire in April out in front of Dog Island and St George.  Look for schooling bait and fish near the edges of it.  Spanish mackerel are not as big as their cousin the kingfish, but still put on a show with their speedy runs.  Step up your leader size though or use a foot of piano wire to prevent being cut off by their teeth.  Dropping live shrimp on the bottom near the towers or nearshore wrecks can produce lots of action and mixed bag.

The cobia push should be in the area in April.  Live pinfish near structure can usually seal the deal.  Bouncing a larger 7” jerk bait near wrecks can be a fun way to catch them also.  They are big strong fish so gear up appropriately!

Be sure to check size and bag regulations before harvesting fish.  With grouper opening this month and snapper season coming, you do not want to unintentionally wind up in trouble.    April should be an outstanding month to get out on the water in the Lanark.

I have a few prime days left for tarpon on the fly so if you would like to knock that off your bucket list this summer; I’d be glad to help!  Happy Easter to all!


Fishing Report By:

Capt. John Swanson


North Florida Inshore

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