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St. Marks

September is here! That means the rain has to stop!  It started raining in June and hasn’t stopped.  My unofficial rain gauge for St Marks is 60 plus inches!


Lots of rain and heat makes for a sauna while on the water but the fish are still around ready to play. When things get tough inshore it's time to move offshore.


September is a great month to fish Lanark.  There has been plenty of rain on the coast, but the Lanark area gets less stained water than most. 

Keaton Beach

Trout fishing has been good providing you have a decent breeze to move you along and with sufficient tide to move the water along.

St. Marks

July fishing is hot! Go early or late, because HOT is certain.  We had a crazy amount of rain in June.  My guess is that it can’t rain forever.  The June rain made the water stained, and kept


July is midway through the “dog days of summer” when it comes to the heat. Forgotten Coast anglers will need to set the alarm earlier to take advantage to the peak bite of the day. Fish

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