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Record Setting Russian Taimens

“Russian rivers have a reputation for producing the largest on the planet.” Those interested in destination fisheries have probably heard …

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Speargun Loading Tips

The first time I saw someone spearfishing, I was intrigued and wondered out loud how hard speargun loading would be. …

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World’s Best Boat Show Heats Up Miami

Progressive Insurance Miami International Boat Show *Docking at Miami Marine Stadium Feb. 14-18* Come February, Miami becomes the hot spot …

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Reef off Oregon Inlet Planned For Outer Banks Anglers

New Reef off Oregon Inlet Planned For Outer Banks Anglers

A new project may be in the works for Oregon Inlet. A permit for construction of a new artificial reef …

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FWC – How Floridians Can Avoid Conflicts with Bears

As part of ongoing efforts to reduce conflicts with bears, the FWC is releasing two new videos in the “Living with Florida Black Bears” series.