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Trout of All Kinds on the West Fork of the Pigeon River

The West Fork of the Pigeon River falls nearly 3,000 feet over about 18 miles to its confluence with the East Fork and the formation of the Pigeon River.

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Under The Sea – Speargun Basics

Like enthusiasts of any sport, if you stay with spearfishing long enough, you become intimately familiar with every detail of your equipment. Here’s an overview of what a newbie might want to know before buying that first speargun.

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Boat Review – Sea Eagle FishSUP FS126

Last spring we introduced you to Sea Eagle’s FishSUP FS126, an inflatable stand-up paddleboard with which we were initially quite impressed.

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Tiger Shark Continues 37,565-Mile Journey

Traveling the eastern coast of the United States and around Bermuda, the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos, Andy is now the longest tracked tiger shark recorded.

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FWC – How Floridians Can Avoid Conflicts with Bears

As part of ongoing efforts to reduce conflicts with bears, the FWC is releasing two new videos in the “Living with Florida Black Bears” series.