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Bird Island

By: Mike Hammond A few months ago, the owner of Kayak Excursions, Stefan Kuenzel, contacted Keep Lee County Beautiful to …

Paddlin and Fishin

By: Dan Carns Gone are the days of a simple plastic kayak with a fixed seat and paddle and no …

As The Water Temp Warms

By: Capt. Mike Manis For many, this could simply be an extension of May.  If the tarpon are abundant, it’s …

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

By: Mike Hammond As more and more people are returning to the outdoors for recreation, kayak fishing is one of …

Report Horseshoe Crab Sightings to FWC for Science

House Bill 349 is a so-called “seagrass mitigation bill” which in practice further opens the door to more seagrass decline in the Indian River Lagoon. If passed into law, it gives coastal developers a big fat hall pass to continue doing business as usual, seagrass be damned.
David Powell, Vice-President of MCAC Artificial Reef Fund, has been busy securing and cleaning a 142-foot motor vessel to be deployed this summer by the St. Lucie County Artificial Reef Program.

SLC ARTIFICIAL REEF UPDATE: Weather Delays, ROV Drop Camera Methodology, and Moore’s Creek Cleanup

The Tug Singleton is getting closer to becoming St. Lucie County’s sixth tugboat artificial reef.