Cedar Key Paddling



Spring is in the air everybody! Bait is pouring into our waters, and lots of the predator fish you love to catch, are right on schedule eating them up! Red fish have moved out of the creeks and can be caught around our bigger islands and oyster bars.  They are looking for mullet and bait fish.  On my charters, my goto is a chunk of steamed mullet that is about an inch thick.  Fish that baiton the bottom, with your favorite jig head.  I like to use 30 lb. green power pro line.  If I am fishing with a mud minnow or pin fish, which I prefer, I use a 2 oz. egg with a foot and a half of 50 lb. fluorocarbon attached to a triple swivel.  An 8 in. piece of 20 lbfluorocarbon, with a 4/0 owner circle hook.  Remember, if you set this hook, you might lose your fish, so let it take the bait, and raise and reel.  Trout are still loving our grass flats so dont hesitate to pop them corks with your favorite D.O.A. plastics (electric chicken).  I hope this helps, and I hope to see you at the shop! Take these kids fishing!