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Grouper & Potatoes

GROUPER WITH POTATOES IN A PARSLEY GARLIC SAUCE 1 ½ cups loosely packed fresh flat-leaf Parsley Leaves 1 medium Shallot, roughly chopped 3 Garlic … Mar 7th, 2021

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January Tupperware Navy

Welcome back yak fans.  This month I’m writing for the shallow-minded among us.  Yup, I’m talking skinny water fishing.  We’re going back to Aripeka, but first, I ask with some trepidation, “Is 2020 gone?”. My lord, what a year. Jan 8th, 2021

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  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! With this March 2021 issue, (our 109th) we begin our TENTH year, bringing the world’s greatest FREE fishing magazine to North Central Florida … Mar 7th, 2021

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Hey everybody. It seems like the bite is picking up pace. Now if we can just get this weather to …

Surf & Pier

  March is finally here, and here come the pompano! Our Northeast Florida waters have been very chilly ever since Christmas. …


STEINHATCHEE Big Bend Charter/Capt. Brian Smith It’s not like it isn’t expected, but I’m glad March has rolled in.  This …

St. Augustine

  We’ve had a fairly cool winter, and the water has been as clear as I’ve seen it in many …

Keaton Beach

  Great fishing will resume at Keaton Beach in March, as water temperatures rise into the 60’s early in the month, and then …


Spring is definitely in the air, and that can only mean that Snook Season must be back! The Nature Coast …