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Crunchy Green Salad

Chop garlic, parsley and onions.  Zest lemon and orange.  Combine in medium bowl: garlic, parsley, onions, lemon zest, orange zest, 1 tablespoon oil, 2 tablespoons orange juice concentrate, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and a tablespoon of water.  Aug 6th, 2018

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Welcome back Yak fans! This month, I achieved a milestone in my relationship with Coastal Angler Magazine. This month, marks my 10th August, writing my tales and stories I've shared with you. Sooo, in honer of this (less than) momentousAug 6th, 2018

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With the arrival of August, our busy lives, get even busier. Gator hunting season starts Aug. 15th, and as I am sure you know, Cary is a Gator Hunt Guide.  If you won the opportunity to purchase tags, and need help, call us.  Aug 6th, 2018


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Crystal River Weather Report:


Suwannee River / Cedar Key

  I sure hope you’re staying cool enough this time of year, because it’s sure hot outside. The water temp is getting hotter, and so is

Surf & Pier

The mullet are here! The mullet are here! That is right folks. It is the long-awaited mullet run 2018. This is the most exciting time to


Red snapper, for-hire, season, June 1 -July 21, couldn't have been any better, unless the fish jumped in the boat.  It was limit-trips

St. Augustine

Some really exciting fishing happens over the next couple of months here in Northeast Florida. From sight fishing for tailing redfish

Keaton Beach

Trout fishing has been great, despite water temps in the mid 80’s, and when there is a breeze, the reds have been cooperative as

Inglis / Yankeetown

The dog days are here. It is hot before the sun even comes up. You need to plan your trips accordingly to be successful this time of


  It’s redfish time, and even though it’s toasty hot out there; the red fish are waiting. Concentrate your efforts on the outer mangrove keys

Crystal River

August is one of the hottest months of the year, but a little bit of planning can help you beat the heat, while still enjoying some

Central Florida Inland

Well, forest fishers, we wished for rain last year; and our wishes dang sure came true.  Mother Nature seems to be on the same