Hey everybody. It seems like the bite is picking up pace. Now if we can just get this weather to get itself under control. I can honestly say this year has been one of the most up and down winters in my career, and I truly will be glad when it’s over.

Trout have started moving back out to nearby flats, especially on the days when the water hits the mid 60’s. I would say to take advantage of any good weather day, and just focus on the flats and trout.
I’m not saying you can’t catch redfish or sheepshead, but honestly, if you don’t have an airboat, these low tides may get you in trouble.

All of my catches of trout have been coming from 2 to 5 feet of water, and I’ve literally been throwing exactly the same set-up for weeks now. A C&M Custom Baits granny smith 3.5 inch ripper or a 4 inch seafoam sardine underneath William Wade Tackle popping cork.
Just a little bit of that pop, pop action, with a 5 to 7second pause in between, has been doing the trick just fine.

Well guys and gals, until next month, stay safe out there!!

Capt. Jason Clark
In The Slot Fishing Charters