Sta-Sea’s Adventures

Sta-Sea’s Adventures

This time of the year is perfect to talk about suspending twitch baits. There are basically three types: top water, suspending and sinking. Let’s say you have been throwing your old faithful soft plastics, targeting big trout, and you are having no luck. You see bait on the top of the water column and just can’t get the trout to bite. Those trout are feeding just below the surface, so suddenly this beautiful shiny top water bait goes swimming by them erratically from side to side. Even a content full-bellied trout is gonna smack that lure. Even the suspending twitchbait would work in this scenario, because again, the trout are just below the surface. There are several brands out there and most work very well. My favorite is the MirrOdine line from mirror lure.

During the summer months, I Use the sinking twitch baits because the trout seek cooler water lower in the column. In this case, you want that lure to sink down 5 feet or more, to catch their attention. Remember too, that the salinity (salt) level of the area, will also determine how well they sink. So, let’s say you are using a sinking twitch bait and it isn’t sinking like it should. That means the salinity is high there. So, use your best judgment and pay attention to how that lure is reacting in the water.
When the water gets colder and the fish become more lethargic, suspending and sinking twitchbaits work great at getting fish to eat!

I cast them up the current where you see the fish feeding, let it float back down with the current, twitch it, and it gets hammered!! There’s nothing quite like that feeling of a big trout smacking that lure!
In conclusion I say try the twitch baits! You will learn your own way of throwing them, and there really isn’t a wrong way. Pay attention to how it looks in the water. Twitch-twitch-retrieve, works best for me in most situations, but you can just slowly reel them also!

Do your research, and buy a few different sizes and varieties. You know I love throwing soft plastics, but there’s something so exhilarating when these fish hit the hard lures!!

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