March – Page #1



With this March 2021 issue, (our 109th) we begin our TENTH year, bringing the world’s greatest FREE fishing magazine to North Central Florida and the Nature Coast.  We began March 2012, with no publishing experience, and really no clue about what we were getting ourselves into. Even though we are not young, we are smart; we can learn, and we were going to succeed, no matter what–and we have!

Dr. Kevin McCarthy has been writing for us since our first issue.  Every month he brings us something new and fresh.  “Kevin McCarthy, you are a treasure.” See page 3 for FLORIDA WATERWAYS.
This month’s recipe, on page 2, Grouper with Potatoes in a Parsley Garlic Sauce, is another one of those easy baked fish recipes.  You can prep the sauce the day before, and have your company dinner on the table in a matter of minutes.  The sauce is versatile and also delicious on chicken or pork, and of course potatoes.

See page 11 for new ½ page starring Marine & Lumber on US 19/98, between Old Town and Cross City.
See page 9 for a timely article on bats–yes, bats.

Again, a big Thank You to the staff at the Dixie County Health Dept.  Cary and I are now the grateful recipients of our second Covid-19 vaccines.  (See photo of Dr. Fauci and me on page 15.) We had no issues with getting appointments, no waiting in line in rain and snow, and no sleeping in our car.  We now feel safe-er, and one step closer to returning to something resembling normal.

As we begin our tenth year of publication, we first want to thank the wonderful folks at our Coastal Angler corporate office for their ongoing support and assistance.  We send a really big thank you to our family of franchise owners across the country, for their generous sharing of advice, photos, articles, and sometimes, just an understanding and sympathetic ear. Thank you to our advertisers and distribution locations.

Thank you to our writers for giving of their time and knowledge to provide us with timely forecasts and articles.  Thank you to Kathleen our graphic artist.  (You see her work on every page.) Thank you to Kristi, our web master.  See her work at Thank you to Rosa, our distribution assistant, helping us get this magazine to our pick-up locations and into your hands. Last, but certainly not least, thank you to YOU, our reader.  If you stop picking up our magazine, we are out of business in a hurry!

Stay smart.  Wear your mask (or stay home).  Get your vaccine.  Stay well, and stay alive.