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Lobster Salad with Mango

Lobster Salad with Mango (for two)      2 large frozen lobsters  3 medium mangos (1 very ripe)  4 tablespoons (about) Mayonnaise  … Aug 14th, 2020

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August Tupperware Navy 

August Tupperware Navy This month marks my 11th anniversary sharing my thoughts and experiences with Coastal Angler. How about that? Thanks for your support and feedback over the years. I want to share with you how to beAug 14th, 2020

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October Page #1

October Page #1   October 2017, I shared with you my heartbreak for the hurricane victims and destruction in Texas, … Oct 17th, 2020

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Surf & Pier

Surf & Pier – October Fishing Report   With the water temperatures dropping, lots of changes will be happening this …

Keaton Beach

Keaton Beach – October Fishing Report #1  Patrick MacDonald with a fine August redfish #2  Patrick MacDonald and Clay Hall with a  true …


Inglis-Yankeetown – October Fishing Report   This month, we should start to see the first signs of Fall, leading to cooler water temperatures, and …


Homosassa – October Fishing Report You have to love October! It’s my favorite time of the year, and from inshore to offshore, there is something

Crystal River

Crystal River – October Fishing Report   Hello here from Crystal River; hopefully everyone is out fishing and enjoying the water. The …

Central Florida Inland

Central Florida Inland – October Fishing Report   Forest Fishers, what a crazy hurricane season we’ve had!   Anyone who …