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Fly Casting Technique: The Proper Way To Chuck & Duck

The Proper Way To Chuck and Duck

Most new fly fishermen enjoy the process of fly fishing as much or more than catching fish. That’s one of … Dec 11th, 2018
Yucatan baby tarpon

Baby Tarpon Of The Yucatan

There may be no better saltwater fish to take on the fly than the tarpon. Yucatan baby tarpon are no … Nov 26th, 2018

More Than Catching Fish

The sport of fly fishing goes beyond making the perfect cast or hooking the biggest fish. Of course, being able … Oct 14th, 2018
fly fishing casting step 4

Improve Your Fly Fishing Casting Skills

Captain Michael Mauri presents some fly fishing casting tips as well as a illustrated guide to help you get started. While I … Oct 11th, 2018
Fly Fishing Franklin County Florida

Fly Fishing Franklin County Florida

While the majority of anglers prowl the waters off Franklin County, Fla. using spinning and casting gear with live bait … Oct 1st, 2018
Fly Fishing Speed: How Fast Should You Retrieve The Fly?

How Fast Should You Retrieve The Fly?

This is a good question. An answer to fly fishing speed, however, is not a simple matter, as there are … Sep 23rd, 2018

Fly Spotlight

Fly of the Month May

Contributed by Alpharetta Outfitters Somethin’ Different Inspired by the traditional Clouser and Henry Cowen’s Something Else, Michael Bowen has had …

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