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Fly of the Month

Inspired by the traditional Clouser and Henry Cowen’s Something Else, Michael Bowen has had recent success on a slightly tweaked variation. On recent trips to a nearby reservoir, he noticed the fatter blueback herring seen during the day and on dock lights.May 24th, 2018

Live Where The Fish Are For A While

amping to fish is fun. And when you’re trout fishing, spending the night allows access to portions of streams that would be difficult to fish or even completely inaccessible on a day trip. Sleeping, cooking and eating by the river also allows you get on the water earlier and fish later, which is often when the bite is best.May 8th, 2018

The Trout Have Got to Eat

With spring in the air, anglers are finally ready to shake the dust off their fly gear and hit the river to remedy that cabin fever. Mar 25th, 2018

Choosing a Fly Reel

Choosing the right fly reel can really make your head spin. From basic drags to sealed-disk braking systems, the prices and quality vary dramatically.Mar 1st, 2018

Cold Winter Trout

Even on our heavily stocked waters, trout will not be as aggressive as they are in spring or fall. However, fish still feed—even in the coldest weather.Feb 8th, 2018

Fly Fishing in Shallow Waters Can Equal Big Rewards

Despite technological advances that allow for fly fishing successes in deep water, shallow water sight fishing is my favorite...Feb 1st, 2018

Fly Spotlight

Fly of the Month May

Contributed by Alpharetta Outfitters Somethin’ Different Inspired by the traditional Clouser and Henry Cowen’s Something Else, Michael Bowen has had …

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