Keaton Beach

Keaton Beach Fishing Report


#1 Capt. Pat with a nice redfish 
#2 Capt. Bert Deener with a trout caught on a three-way fluke rig 
#3 Billy Pillow with a nice trout caught on a Paul Brown Devil 

Trout are taking off like crazy, according to all keaton beach fishing reports as of this week. (March 13 today) Doug Garwood, and his good buddy, Joe Duncan, down from Dalton, Ga. have caught quality trout and flounder all week, using the Ole Walmart Renegades, a hard jerk bait similar to a 14 A Bomber made in the 90’s. Trout are taking Redfins, MirrOdines, Paul Brown Devils, and I guess almost anything else you throw at them, as the water temps are soaring back to the lo 70’s for the first time since January, up from 55 degrees this past Saturday (March 7th).  Depths of 2.0 to 3.5 feet seem to be the ticket when the bite is on.

April should be outstanding, as our weather this week includes seven days over 80 degrees. Who can say how warm it will be by late April, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find trout spawning by then? If so, I would ply depths of 3 to 5 feet, expecting the large sow trout to be feeding night and day, to feed their eggs, and that makes for an aggressive bite, and usually means almost any style of bait will take nice trout.

We have yet to see any pelagic bait show up from down south, so when that happens,¬†your true topwater (stick baits) fishing will be ‚Äúon‚ÄĚ.¬†Once you begin seeing the schools of ballyhoo on the surface,¬†set up your drifts accordingly. Top Pups, Top Dog¬†Jr.s,¬†SkitterWalks, and Zara Spooks will all take quality trout off the top. Color:¬†bone, bone and¬†let‚Äôs see, BONE.‚ÄĮ Yeah,¬†throw your favorite,¬†but always have ‚Äúbone‚ÄĚ ready to go. Gold,¬†with an orange belly would be my second choice.

I will be drowning some live pinfish on my One More Cast charters, by mid to late April, but don’t think I won’t be dreaming about tossing topwater most of the time.

Redfish have already begun taking Thunder-Spins and other Jig-spinners, so have one tied on, and don’t forsake your weedless spoons. I will be using the HEX spoons by Cajun Thunder (Precision Tackle) in Gold and Copper with my favorite size, the 1/2-ounce Spoon.

Meanwhile, Let’s Go Fishing!
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