Bucktail Fishing

A bucktail is technically a lead headed hook with hair from the tail of a deer tied to it. The hair is usually white, but sometimes dyed green or red. The colored hair is generally a stripe along the top of the lure. The sides are often spiced with a strip or two of silver Mylar for flash. The lead head is usually painted with an eye frequently incorporated. The total package is generally called a bucktail jig.

If you are traveling down a waterway with speeds restricted to idle or slow speed, you can keep your guest or crew entertained by trolling your bucktail 50 feet behind the boat. Depending on where you are, this jig could produce jacks, bluefish, mackerel, ladyfish and many more.

When on a long distance run, diving birds, floating debris or navigation aids may hold a wide variety of fish. A few cast, a quick troll by or a drop into the depths with your bucktail jig may offer you up a fresh fish dinner instead of searching for a place to eat or a cold sandwich.

Some boneless and skinless filet, a dash of garlic, a pat of butter and 6 to 8 minutes in the microwave oven and you have a quick and easy fish course for dinner.


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