Gat-Ku Polespears

Since 2005, Gat-Ku has been the No. 1 most trusted name in the spearfishing industry, providing users with the most exceptional spearfishing products in the world.

Whether you’re diving inshore or on reefs for fish that generally weigh less than 10 pounds or if you’re headed offshore for open water and big yellowtail or wahoo, Gat-Ku’s Gen 2 Hybrid polespears are the best the industry has to offer. They have finessed and perfected the stick-n-rubberband approach to killing fish with the highest quality innovation the market has to offer.

With extensively tested design, Gat-Ku Gen 2 Hybrid polespears offer excellent maneuverability with a sleek, 3/8-inch carbon graphite front end that minimizes drag and allows divers to effortlessly swing the polespear in the water while tracking fish. An extended 3-foot section in front of the loaded hand eliminates the “shooting-from-the-hip” factor for pinpoint accuracy, and it also allows the diver to spear fish more stealthily from farther away. These polespears are carefully balanced, resulting in natural tracking movements and a more comfortable hold.

Internationally recognized but made in America, by Americans, with in-house manufacturing in San Diego, California, Gat-Ku offers 6- to 10-foot versions of its Gen-2 spears for whatever species you plan to target. They also have a full line of heads and accessories manufactured under the same strict standards of excellence.

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