Frog Spit Multi Use Anti-Fog

Tired of flooding and clearing your mask when it inevitably fogs up on a dive? Frog Spit’s line of anti-fog products are specially designed to keep your mask fog free over multiple dives so you can actually see what you went underwater to see in the first place.

Fogging is caused by humidity from exhalations and skin warmth that condenses in your mask and clings to the inside of the lens. If that condensation had nothing to cling to, fogging would not occur. That’s what Frog Spit does, treats your lens so condensation is not allowed to form.

It’s easy to use. With an anti-fog wipe, a few drops from a bottle or a spray from the Frog Spit Sport Pump, just spread it evenly over the clean, dry surface of your mask, goggles, glasses, windshield or whatever you need fog free. Allow it to dry, and you’ll have lasting protection from fog-ups. There’s no rinsing or buffing necessary.

Frog Spit is safe, earth-friendly and biodegradable. It uses no silicone, harmful chemicals or petroleum distillates. It has a pleasant tropical fragrance and is safe and effective for use on all glass or plastic surfaces.

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