National Diver MFG Pro Belt

In 1968, National Divers Manufacturing was born out of a need for more efficient and better skin diving equipment. Owner Carl Krupansky became a creator, designing over the years many accessories divers use, but specializing in stringers, polespears, and abalone bars. Consistent attention to good service and quality products have made National Divers Manufacturing a trusted household name among divers everywhere.

Krupansky’s designs are based on personal need. He is an extremely accomplished diver with a long and illustrious career. He took fourth in the World Championship in Italy during the 1968 Diving Tournaments. He was the recipient of the IUSA U.S. Spearfishing Athlete of the Year in 1992, which puts him in the Hall of Fame for U.S. Spearfishing Athletes. What this means to you is he knows exactly what needs to fill with his designs.

The newest product available from National Divers Manufacturing is a Pro Belt. It is designed for deeper water dives. As your suit compresses, it makes your belt looser so you can tighten it under water to keep from sliding off.  When you ascend, the belt is designed to stretch and continue to fit. The rubber has been tested for 10 years of use in any water conditions. The belt has an adjustment design so the buckle will open and stay open. It is a quick release stainless buckle with a loop to thread excess belt.

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