Gifts For Divers

Guaranteed Hit Gifts for that special Diver in your life!

The holidays will be upon us soon, as well as the struggle to find that perfect gift. Finding gifts for divers can be a challenge, but  if there are any (or wannabe’s) in your life, here are some ideas to choose from.


Let’s start with the basics. Every diver needs a mask. This is a somewhat personal item, because it needs to fit the shape of the face, so it doesn’t leak. You can buy one, but make sure the store has a good exchange policy. If it’s for a freediver, choose a low volume mask. If it’s for a spearfisher, choose a black skirt as this helps with visibility. These can run from $40 to $120.


Wetsuits can also be a personal choice, as there are many options—thickness, size, one or two-piece, etc. However, a skin for summer-wear is an easy item to buy, because they are unisex, stretchy and one-size-fits-all within the S-M-L range. They run between $50 and $150.


Dive fins come in many different options in colors, shapes and materials. Freediving fins tend to be longer, and the carbon fiber ones can be pricey. Fins can cost from $200 to $700—quite a range!


Dive accessories are the safest bet if you’re looking for affordable gifts for divers that won’t need exchanging due to size issues. Items that are always in demand and appreciated by any diver include: a good pair of gloves, booties, underwater lights and dive knives. These items tend to wear out or get lost, so it’s not possible to have too many. Dry bags to store small items and large sturdy dive bags that hold all the gear are sure to be appreciated also.


Great news—underwater photo/video cameras have become smaller, higher quality and more affordable than ever. If your loved one is an experienced diver and might like “something to do” while underwater, treat them to a compact action camera such GoPro, Sony or others. These will cost between $300 and $600 and give hours of enjoyment. If they get into serious photography, they can always upgrade.


If you’re looking to win big points with a hunter, you could surprise them with a gift certificate for a custom-made speargun, or you can buy one at the store. Good spearguns can be found from $180 to $800. An affordable option for hunters would be a lobster net, tickle stick, and Kevlar gloves or a good set of fillet knives.


If your loved ones have not yet tried diving, and you think they might enjoy it, why not buy them some lessons? You can buy them a scuba certification ($350-$500) or a freediving class ($400-$800).  Better yet, take classes together.

A special Scuba Destination Trip

Want to add some spice to your life?  Gift them a dive trip on a liveaboard. Interesting options include AllStar Liveaboard in the Bahamas, Aggressor Fleet with worldwide destinations, and Nautilus Explorer out of San Diego or Cabo San Lucas. Depending on which charter you choose, Nautilus Explorer can take you to dive with whales, sharks and/or giant mantas—the experience of a lifetime!

Sheri is a world-record holder, host of Speargun Hunter, and producer of “The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo” in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Follow “Sheri Daye” and “The Blue Wild” on Facebook and Instagram.

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