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Five Factors for Fantastic Fall Fishing

Fall is one of the most productive—and frustrating—times of the year to target largemouth bass.

First-Ever Alligator Gar Caught in Kansas

On a warm night late last month, one angler fishing the Neosho River caught something he probably never expected to see – a four and a half-foot, 39.5-pound Alligator Gar. Alligator Gar aren’t native to Kansas and have never been documented there.

FWC Certifies New State Record Butterfly Peacock Bass

(FWC) fisheries biologists certified a new state record butterfly peacock bass weighing 9.11 pounds and measuring 23 5/16 inches long, caught by angler Felipe Prieto from Hialeah.

Shark Bites Gator

Cory Conlon was visiting Hilton Head Island when he spotted a gator in the water near a dock and people began throwing bits of food at it.A large shark then appears, briefly circles the area and then suddenly bites the gator in one of its feet. The alligator responds by charging the shark, before both animals seem to back off from the fight.

How to Store Your Fishing Gear

If you’re new to the sport, you will definitely want to follow some of the most common dos and don’ts.

Why Do We Say “Tuna Fish?”

As a linguist at the University of Florida for more than 30 years and an author of several English grammar books, I have long been interested in syntax (what is the plural of fish?), vocabulary (what is the origin of the word shark?), place names (what is the origin of Pompano Beach?), and anything dealing with our language.

Alligator Rushes Out Of Water, Steals Florida Boy’s Fish

A very hungry alligator decided to steal a little boy's bass in Palm Coast and then took his fishing pole too!

2021 El Pescado Billfish Tournament November 3rd – 6th

Camanche Cove Marina, St. Augustine, FL

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3rd Annual Get Hook’d on Lake Monroe Fishing Tournament and Seafood Festival

Beautiful Florida weather this year greeted the 180 teams who registered and fished the 3rd Annual Get Hook’d tournament.  $10,000 in prizes were paid to the top ten bass teams, and the top 10 crappie teams. 

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