Do you know how important fishing tourism is to Costa Rica?

Fishing tourism: a commitment to coastal development

Costa Rica is ranked as one of the favored destinations for the practice of sport fishing tourism worldwide for its spectacular oceanographic conditions. The different species can be observed throughout the year and in different areas of the Pacific and Atlantic are the main reason for this appeal.

Sport fishing tourism in the country is catch and release, this allows the activity is carried out with minimal environmental impact to marine resources, being a practice of sustainable and responsible fishing.

This activity represents about 2.13% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which means about 600 million dollars a year. Its contribution to the national economy is even higher than commercial fishing, which provides about $ 527 million, ie 1.88% of GDP according to the University of Costa Rica.

3,700 of these tourists have their own vessels permanently or temporarily in the country, this means investing approximately US $ 138 million for maintenance and operation in Costa Rica in fuel, repairs, maintenance, crew costs, insurance taxes, accessories and furniture.

Over 60% of visitors come fishing with their families, favoring captains, sailors, fishermen bait, mechanics and suppliers of tourism services among others, benefit from foreign investment and associated coastal development is sustainable.

Please review the following document for more on tourist and responsible fishing.

FECOP Publication on Responsible and Sustainable Tourist Fishing