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Dynamic Boats interview Saturday at The SOFLO Boat Show!

Make sure you stop by this awesome show if you are in South Florida this weekend! Video by Scott Goodman / Coastal Angler Magazine Miami Edition.

Foundation Outdoor Group Donates Proceeds to CCA California

2nd Annual SoCal Rod Builders Reception Generates $4,175 to Support Conservation Initiatives

Just for the Halibut!

Halibut are like flounder in their body shape, except halibut might actually be as large as a barn door. Barn door halibut might weigh 400 pounds and grow to 8 feet in length. The IGFA all-tackle world record was caught from Dutch Harbor, Alaska in 1996. It weighed 459 pounds. Anglers love giant fish; that’s why halibut are on the bucket list, and even people who don’t know or care what these fish look like could absolutely tell you that a firm, white halibut steak is an amazing culinary treat.

Sometimes Simple is Better

Simple for me means dumbing down my gear and dumbing down my approach. Everyone has their favorite gear and my recommendation is to stick to it.

CCW Petitions Big Sugar Over Everglades Restoration

Captains For Clean Water (CCW), a non-profit organized by fishing guides, is petitioning Big Sugar to drop its lawsuit seeking access to irrigation water from the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) Reservoir. May 14th, 2024

In Texas, Giant Fish Breed Giant Fish

When it comes to growing giant largemouth bass, Texas has it figured out.May 14th, 2024

Build a Bombproof Grouper Rig

Grouper season is coming. If you’re not geared and properly prepared, you might be one of the many people at the dock talking about the one that got away.May 13th, 2024