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The Spread Of Invasive Flatheads

Some folks just don’t get it. The transplantation of non-native species to water bodies where they don’t belong can wreak havoc on native ecosystems and forever alter fisheries in ways that have become easier predict.

North Carolina Puddingwife Is A State And World Record

If you’ve never heard of a puddingwife wrasse, you’re not alone. Recently the spotlight was turned on this colorful reef fish when a North Carolina angler caught a 3-pound, 11-ounce puddingwife that is a new North Carolina state record and a potential world record.

Attention Tarpon Anglers! Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Seeking Samples For Study

If you fish for tarpon in the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico, Bonefish & Tarpon Trust might need you to collect fin clips for its Tarpon Isotope Study. This research is designed to shed light on the diet needs of tarpon migrating along the Gulf and northern coasts.

Crankbaits And Kayaks: Tricks You Didn’t Know You Needed to Know

Although kayak anglers use the same lures as bank and boat anglers, we often must adjust our approach. One lure I’ve found myself using differently while bass fishing from a kayak is the crankbait.

Suzuki Outboards 2023

  Check out our outboards here:   Sep 27th, 2023

Record Pomp Caught In Chesapeake Bay

A Maryland angler caught a 6.44-pound Florida pompano in Chesapeake Bay on Sept. 14. It’s a new state record for the Chesapeake Division and fish that would be considered a trophy no matter where it was caught.Sep 26th, 2023

How To Pick A Hook

Besides being sharper and stronger than they were in generations past, hooks are now available in a wider range of styles than ever before.Sep 25th, 2023
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