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This one got away, but there is always more to catch! Check it out…

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Hello Red Snapper Season

I caught this 36” Red Snapper in Gulf of Mexico. Torrea Cross caught these beautiful fish in about 123 feet … Jun 13th, 2024

My Grandsons Black Drum

I caught this Approx 40 lbs. Black drum in Perdido pass. I’m submitting this picture of my 16 year old … Jun 13th, 2024

Big Brown Trout in New Zealand

I caught this 22 lbs Brown Trout in NEW ZEALAND. I flew to NZ to go trout fishing the last … Jun 13th, 2024

Fathers Day fishing

I caught this 27” Snook in Canal back yard. The fish were caught and then released my son said we … Jun 13th, 2024