Big snapper and little snapper caught with Fishing Headquarters.

Ft. Lauderdale Drift Fishing – April 2021

April is one fine month to go drift fishing in Fort Lauderdale. Kingfish are finally biting again after a few … Apr 1st, 2021
Three pretty peacocks for three pretty lady anglers.

Broward Freshwater Fishing – March 2021

Welcome to March, where the water temps will continue to increase, the peacock bass prepare to sit on their beds … Mar 1st, 2021
Joe Hector caught this reef donkey by jigging over a deep wreck.

Broward Kayak Fishing Forecast – March 2021

Sailfishing in February was uncharacteristically slow, but should pick up in March. When targeting sailfish, concentrate your drifts in 60 … Mar 1st, 2021
Nice mixed bag and family fun with Fishing Headquarters.

Ft. Lauderdale Offshore Fishing – March 2021

Fort Lauderdale’s absolute best time of the year for offshore fishing is March through May. This month, the big fish … Mar 1st, 2021
Night trips aboard the Catch My Drift produce some quality snappers!

Ft. Lauderdale Drift Fishing – February 2021

Snappers, snappers, and more snappers! With grouper out of season, the primary objective on our drift fishing trips is to … Feb 1st, 2021
Capt. Johnny with a slob 9 pound bucketmouth.

Broward Freshwater Fishing – February 2021

In February, fishing conditions are constantly changing. Pre front and post front fishing are significantly different from each other. Pre … Feb 1st, 2021

Ft. Lauderdale Sportfishing – February 2021

February is here and we’re deep into the winter fishing season in Fort Lauderdale. Sailfish Alley has been active this … Feb 1st, 2021
Snapper with a side of mackerel aboard the Catch My Drift.

Ft. Lauderdale Drift Fishing – January 2021

The cold weather has brought with it a new batch of fish onto the reefs. Kingfish are biting strong on … Dec 31st, 2020

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