Night Fishing

by: Capt. Bart Marx It has been very hot this summer and that has affected the fishing. In the Florida … Sep 1st, 2023

Simple Setup

by: Dan Carns Kayak fishing has been very popular for many years, and it is no longer a new sport. … Aug 31st, 2023

Plenty to Target

Capt. Bart Marx Hello Fellow Anglers. It is lobster time in Florida. I have been to the Keys, Homestead, Miami, … Jul 31st, 2023


by: Capt. Bart Marx Hello fellow anglers, I have been contributing to this magazine for over ten years. I started … Jun 30th, 2023

Inshore Grand Slam

by: Capt. Bart Marx Hello fellow anglers! In Southwest Florida this time of year you may be able to catch … May 31st, 2023

Warmer Weather

by: Capt. Bart Marx Summer is already in full swing and offshore things should be heating up as the migratory … Apr 30th, 2023

Building a Good Set of Numbers

by: Capt. Bart Marx The water and the fishing are headed toward summertime tactics. Yes, you will have to run … Mar 31st, 2023

March Madness

By: Capt. Bart Marx March in Southwest Florida fishing is on the rise along with the water temperatures. Inshore there … Feb 28th, 2023

Winter Fishing

By: Capt. Bart Marx Hello fellow anglers, February 2023 can you believe we’re already into the New Year?  This is … Jan 31st, 2023

Winter Transitions

By: Dan Carns It seems funny to discuss winter here in S.W. Florida as throngs of people are making plans … Dec 31st, 2022
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