June in Southwest Florida

By: Capt. Bart Marx In Southwest Florida, June is considered silver king time as the big schools of the migratory … May 31st, 2024

Tarpon Time

By: Capt. Bart Marx May in Southwest Florida we look for the white butterflies to appear which lets us know … Apr 30th, 2024

Warming Waters

By: Capt. Bart Marx April in Southwest Florida marks the water temps getting warmer day by day. This is a … Mar 31st, 2024

Change Is in The Air

By: Capt. Bart Marx Hello fellow anglers, I was just sitting here trying to figure out how many years I … Feb 29th, 2024

February’s Opportunities

By: Capt. Bart Marx February in Southwest Florida – Hello fellow anglers! Last year in Florida was the hottest year … Jan 31st, 2024

January’s Opportunities

by: Capt. Bart Marx January in Southwest Florida and we start a new year of fishing! There are many options … Dec 31st, 2023

Watch The Weather

By: Capt. Bart Marx December in Southwest Florida that means you are finished shopping for Christmas, or you have not … Dec 1st, 2023

The Change of Seasons

By: Capt. Bart Marx November begins the cool fronts in Southwest Florida to start coming down from the north. This … Oct 31st, 2023

The Hot Summer

by: Capt. Bart Marx This summer has set all kinds of records for heat in our area. I have lived … Sep 30th, 2023

The 20th Annual Calusa Blueway Kayak Fishing Tournament

by: Brian Stockbridge, Gulf Coast Kayak The tournament is set for Saturday November 11th from 6:30am to 3pm. This year … Sep 30th, 2023