Official Results - 8th Annual Central Florida Shad and Crappie Derby:


Congratulations 1,150+ registered Derby anglers!

Award Ceremony: Our Award Ceremony is to be held on Thursday, Mar 16th at 6:30pm at the Lake Mary Gander Mountain

Shad Grand Champion: Marc Odell 18.5"

Crappie Grand Champion: Anthony Campanalie 16.0"

Shad Men Division: Ron Presley 18.25"

Crappie Men: Mike Cloud 15.75+"

Shad Women: No Entry

Crappie Women: Patty Wisner 15.25"

Shad Youth: Olin Grindrod 17.5"

Crappie Youth: Brandon Correia 15"

November Big Shad: No Entry

November Big Crappie: Chuck Thompson 15.5"

December Big Shad: Mark Whitmire 16.5"

December Big Crappie: Phil Woodham 15+"

January Big Shad: Ron Presley 18.25"

January Big Crappie: Richard Wisner 15.25"

February Big Shad: Marc Odell 18.5"

February Big Crappie: Anthony Campanalie 16"

15-Inch Crappie Club:

Mike Cave
Mike Cloud
Rick Hacker
Chip Gierke
Dale Craighead
Mary Hacker
Alan Johnson
Brandon Correia
Phil Woodham
Chuck Thompson
Richard Wisner
Patty Wisner
Anthony Campanalie