Brevard Tide Predictions

    Cape Canaveral

    Date Day Time Height Tide
    07.22Tue04:39 AM3.3H
    07.22Tue11:03 AM-0.1L
    07.22Tue05:28 PM3.5H
    07.22Tue11:32 PM0.5L
    07.23Wed05:34 AM3.3H
    07.23Wed11:53 AM-0.1L
    07.23Wed06:18 PM3.5H

    Cocoa Beach

    Date Day Time Height Tide
    07.22Tue04:44 AM3.2H
    07.22Tue11:09 AM-0.1L
    07.22Tue05:33 PM3.4H
    07.22Tue11:38 PM0.4L
    07.23Wed05:39 AM3.3H
    07.23Wed11:59 AM-0.1L
    07.23Wed06:23 PM3.5H

    Patrick AFB

    Date Day Time Height Tide
    07.22Tue04:41 AM3.3H
    07.22Tue11:09 AM-0.1L
    07.22Tue05:30 PM3.5H
    07.22Tue11:38 PM0.5L
    07.23Wed05:36 AM3.3H
    07.23Wed11:59 AM-0.1L
    07.23Wed06:20 PM3.5H

    Canova Beach

    Date Day Time Height Tide
    07.22Tue04:52 AM3.3H
    07.22Tue11:21 AM-0.1L
    07.22Tue05:41 PM3.4H
    07.22Tue11:50 PM0.5L
    07.23Wed05:47 AM3.3H
    07.23Wed12:11 PM-0.1L
    07.23Wed06:31 PM3.5H

    Sebastian Inlet

    Date Day Time Height Tide
    07.22Tue04:57 AM2.1H
    07.22Tue11:23 AM-0.1L
    07.22Tue05:46 PM2.2H
    07.22Tue11:52 PM0.3L
    07.23Wed05:52 AM2.1H
    07.23Wed12:13 PM0.0L
    07.23Wed06:36 PM2.2H

    Central Florida Tide Prediction Data provided by the NOAA

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