Brevard Port Canaveral Offshore

Port Canaveral Offshore

By: Capt. Chris Cameron Here we are in April. Normally, we are waiting for that in between month of the … April 1, 20170 305
Brevard Sebastian Offshore

Sebastian Offshore

By: Capt. Doug Kaska Lets talk Cobia. I did get my fair share of Cobia. The Cobia are still around … April 1, 20170 284
Brevard Shrimp Report

Shrimp Report

By: Capt. Lee Noga Lots to talk about in the world of shrimping. Oak Hill & Edgewater reports remain divided. … April 1, 20170 263
Brevard Indian River Lagoon

N. Indian River Lagoon

By: Capt. Mark Wright So far this year’s fishing has been odd to say the least. The bite in the … April 1, 20170 295
Brevard Featured, Brevard Sebastain Inlet to Eau Gallie

Sebastian Inlet to Eau Gallie

By: Capt. Glyn Austin March was a great month to fish with the warmer temps and April means the hot … April 1, 20170 288
Brevard Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing

By: John Detmer How does the saying go:” March comes in like a lion”. Well that’s what happened, northeast winds … April 1, 20170 300
Brevard Banana River Reports, Brevard Featured

Banana River Lagoon

By: Capt. Jim Ross We can still see the bottom of the lagoon in some places and that is a … April 1, 20170 132
Brevard Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral

By: Capt. Jim Ross April can be a really fun month outside of Port Canaveral. If this year is anything … April 1, 20170 40
Brevard Mosquito Lagoon

Mosquito Lagoon

Capt. Pat Murphy Simply beautiful is what I can say about the remarkable recovery of the water conditions currently in … April 1, 20170 359
Brevard Featured, Brevard Kayak Report

Kayak Report

By: Capt. Alex Gorichky April is a month stuffed full of fun with everything from spawns to transitions keeping Space … April 1, 20170 99