Redfish can be fooled with a little twitch-n-pause motion of your rod tip, and the right colored soft plastic jerk bait on most days.

Port Canaveral & Banana River – July 2022

PORT CANAVERAL: A mixed bag of species is available to anglers fishing the waters outside of the Port his month. … Jul 1st, 2022
Take a girl fishing!

Port Canaveral Offshore – April 2022

April is here, and this is the time of year to brush off the mahi mahi fishing tackle. Hopefully we … Apr 4th, 2022
NIce Brevard beach mix!

Surf Fishing Report – April 2022

We could see more wild days for surf fishing along the Space Coast in April. Days with strong winds and … Apr 4th, 2022
Doug with a nice inlet redfish

Sebastian Inlet to Eau Gallie Cswy. – April 2022

With bait moving into the lagoon for the summer, the inshore fishing will be great for big trout, snook and … Apr 4th, 2022
Redfish are just one of the species of fish that thrive where sea grass meadows are able to grow.

Port Canaveral & Banana River – March 2022

BANANA RIVER LAGOON: The Banana River Lagoon waters look to be improving. So far this year we haven’t seen any … Mar 5th, 2022
A nice mix of sharks, like this lemon shark, will be hanging around in March for your Brevard surf fishing enjoyment

Surf Fishing Report – March 2022

Excitement abounds for shore fishing anglers targeting fish and sharks in the surf for the month of March, typically one … Mar 5th, 2022
David Stanton with a nice 8 lb. St. Johns River bass.

St. Johns River – March 2022

March means trophy bass in the St Johns River. For those looking for their personal best largemouth, remember the female … Mar 5th, 2022
Springtime tarpon fishing can be a lot of fun!

Sebastian Inlet to Eau Gallie Cswy. – March 2022

With the cold weather this winter, let’s hope the winds lay down in March so the cobia anglers can get … Mar 5th, 2022
Cobia are on the March menu.

Port Canaveral Offshore – March 2022

March Madness is here, so bring on the cobia! This is the historic time frame here in the Central East … Feb 28th, 2022

St. Johns River – February 2022

  Now is the time for huge bass as the spawn is on! Shallow beds during full and new moon … Feb 6th, 2022