PRO Tips

Capt. Jonathan Moss Few things get my heart pumping like fishing. The pursuit of fish, whether on the flats, on … Feb 1st, 2018

How to Take a Fishing Selfie

Paul MacInnis We all know the routine. You catch a nice fish, pull out your camera and snap a quick … Feb 1st, 2018

George Washington’s Favorite Fish

Paul MacInnis George Washington and I have a few things in common; we’re both American, we’re both men, and we … Jan 1st, 2018

PRO Tips – December 2017

Capt. Jonathan Moss My name is Captain Jonathan Moss of Go Castaway Fishing Charters. I am a full-time Space Coast … Dec 1st, 2017

Targeting Black Drum

Paul MacInnis Occasionally inspiration for an article comes from unexpected places. So is the case for this article. Roger Hampton … Dec 1st, 2017

PRO Tips – November 2017

Capt. Jonathan Moss Hello, and welcome to this month’s Pro Tip! My name is Captain Jonathan Moss of Go Castaway … Nov 1st, 2017

Strike Zone Collects Supplies for the Keys

On September 17th, Strike Zone Fishing in Melbourne spearheaded a drive to collect supplies to aid the relief efforts in … Nov 1st, 2017

So What Are We Doing About The Lagoon?

Paul MacInnis Brevard County residents spoke loud and clear on November 8, 2016 when 62% of the voters approved the … Nov 1st, 2017

Bass, Monkeys and Outdoor Writers

By Paul MacInnis Where else can you combine bass fishing, wild monkeys, and a 400 year old Spanish rowboat all … Oct 1st, 2017

PRO Tips – October 2017

Capt. Jonathan Moss Brevard County is home to some of our favorite waterways. Growing up, my weekends were spent fishing … Oct 1st, 2017