Port Canaveral & Banana River – November 2022

  PORT CANAVERAL INSHORE: Let the cool winds blow! This month is all about cooling water temperatures and the plethora … Nov 3rd, 2022

Port Canaveral & Banana River – October 2022

PORT CANAVERAL: October is a great month to fish inside and outside of Port Canaveral. The Fall mullet run is … Sep 30th, 2022

Port Canaveral & Banana River – September 2022

PORT CANAVERAL: Snook season will reopen this month, and the Port Canaveral area is a hot spot for anglers looking … Sep 1st, 2022

Port Canaveral & Banana River – August 2022

PORT CANAVERAL: Mangrove snapper are holding around the rocks and piers within the Port’s basins this month. Live pilchards, shrimp, … Aug 2nd, 2022
Redfish can be fooled with a little twitch-n-pause motion of your rod tip, and the right colored soft plastic jerk bait on most days.

Port Canaveral & Banana River – July 2022

PORT CANAVERAL: A mixed bag of species is available to anglers fishing the waters outside of the Port his month. … Jul 1st, 2022
Redfish are just one of the species of fish that thrive where sea grass meadows are able to grow.

Port Canaveral & Banana River – March 2022

BANANA RIVER LAGOON: The Banana River Lagoon waters look to be improving. So far this year we haven’t seen any … Mar 5th, 2022
Great News!! This years’ cleaner water conditions are allowing many species to finally start spawning in the Banana Lagoon once again.

Port Canaveral & Banana River – February 2022

PORT CANAVERAL: It’s anyone’s guess as to what the weather will be like this month, but if it follows the … Feb 6th, 2022
Nice Banana River black drum.

Port Canaveral & Banana River – January 2022

BANANA RIVER LAGOON: Deeper canals and dredge holes in the Merritt Island and beachside canals are good places to start … Jan 5th, 2022
Ike with a speckled trout caught on a Saltwater Assassin sea shad.

Port Canaveral & Banana River – December 2021

PORT CANAVERAL: In December options for anglers inside the port’s basins and just outside the port along the beaches will … Dec 2nd, 2021
Snook are just one of the many predators that will be blasting mullet pods along the nearshore waters outside of Port Canaveral this month.

Port Canaveral & Banana River – October 2021

PORT CANAVERAL NEARSHORE: October is usually the best month of the year for fishing inside and just outside of the … Oct 5th, 2021