Banana River Lagoon

Captain Jim Ross Anglers fishing this body of water are finding more redfish, black drum, and trout available to them … May 2, 2017

Banana River Lagoon

By: Capt. Jim Ross We can still see the bottom of the lagoon in some places and that is a … April 1, 2017

Banana River Lagoon

Captain Jim Ross The Banana River Lagoon continues to show improvement in water clarity and numbers of fish. Little rain … March 1, 2017

Banana River Lagoon

Captain Jim Ross Though this portion of the lagoon has been hit with devastating fish kills over the past year … February 1, 2017

Banana River Lagoon

By Capt. Jim Ross This portion of the lagoon system has been suffering for a long time, but hopefully the … January 22, 2017

Brevard Banana Lagoon June 2016

Strong southerly winds in the beginning of May have helped to push some better quality water northward from the Sebastian are into this portion of our lagoon system.July 6, 2016

Banana River Lagoon Forecast: Nov. 2015

Trout, black drum, and redfish are the “big three” that anglers will be targeting this month. The Speckled Trout and … November 17, 2015

Banana River Lagoon Fishing Report: June 2015

If the water clarity remain as good as it was last month anglers should continue to see an increase in the numbers of trout and redfish that take up residence in the Banana River Lagoon this month. Clean, clear water is what allows the sea grass beds to flourish, and in turn the grass is what holds the shrimp, clams, crabs, and small bait fish that larger predators feed upon. Redfish should be found near docks, rocky areas, and mangrove covered shorelines or islands throughout the Newfound Harbor and 1000 island areas. June 1, 2015

Banana River Fishing Forecast: May 2015

I’m excited to report that so far this year the water clarity has remained good and sea grass beds are … May 1, 2015

Banana River Fishing Report: April 2015

Angler are hoping that sea grass returns to the flats in this body of water. Last spring we had a … March 29, 2015