Preparing to leaders a shark at boat side that ate a live menhaden on a wire stinger rig.

Port Canaveral

Capt. Jim Ross July is usually a month of change along the waters outside of Port Canaveral. The blitzing bonito, … Jul 1st, 2018
Debbie Smith’s redfish hit a Saltwater Assassin 4-inch sea shad in the Natural glow color.

Banana River Lagoon

Capt. Jim Ross Banana River Lagoon-As of this articles deadline, we still have a few areas that are not totally … Jul 1st, 2018

Sebastian Offshore

Capt. Doug Kaska Well summer is here and the weather is getting hot. The one thing on everyone’s minds RED … Jul 1st, 2018

Port Canaveral Offshore

Capt. Chris Cameron Happy 4th of July! I have been getting many calls on the red snapper season. Read the … Jul 1st, 2018


Capt. Mark Wright In my mind, July kicks off our true summer season. Get out early and get off the … Jul 1st, 2018

Shrimp Report

Capt. Lee Noga Change of natures seasons closes 1 door and opens many others to keep us engaged and entertained. … Jul 1st, 2018
Angler admires his 18 inch keeper black drum caught in the surf on a pompano rig and clam.

Surf Fishing

John Detmer Summer time surf fishing requires anglers to apply a number of tactical changes and presentations to their surf … Jul 1st, 2018
Mark Kazmerick scored this heavy kingfish on a Local Lines Kayak fishing charter.

Kayak Report

Capt. Alex Gorichky Some anglers look at summer on the Space Coast with distain, but for me the warm muggy … Jul 1st, 2018
Redfish like this pair that hit live free-lined shrimp, may be possible on the shallow flats if the waters stay relatively clear and baitfish are present.

Banana River Lagoon

Capt. Jim Ross This portion of the lagoon system was showing signs of improvement last month. It is encouraging that … Jun 1st, 2018
Snook is always a welcome visitor on kayak trip with


Capt. Alex Gorichky Summer is here and it’s the end of school for our young ones, so let’s get them … Jun 1st, 2018