Teenager had a monster fish on his line at the Patrick AFB Pier for over 33 hours in October 1963

In October 1963, a teenager had a monster fish on his line at the Patrick AFB Pier for over 33 hours. It was thought to be a giant Jewfish or Stingray. He never landed it. The story was featured in “The Cumberland Times” May 1st, 2021
Katherine recently caught several nice speckled sea trout on the D.O.A. Deadly Combo poppingcork rig!

PRO TIPS – January 2021

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Amy and her first fish ever, a trophy 9 lb. largemouth bass caught on an artificial lure!

PRO TIPS – December 2020

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Sight fishing pompano on the flats is so mcuh fun! Dan was a casting guru and these pompano couldn’t resist that D.O.A. shrimp!

PRO TIPS – November 2020

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Multiple trout and multiple tarpon!

PRO TIPS – October 2020

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PRO TIPS – September 2020

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Bob from a recent trip with a nice juvenile tarpon on fly!

PRO TIPS – August 2020

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PRO TIPS – July 2020

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Mosquito Lagoon Speckled Sea Trout

PRO TIPS – June 2020

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Huge Sawfish Discovered in Indian River Melbourne Beach

Posted by Michael Alvarez on Sunday, May 3, 2020   Giant smalltooth sawfish captured on video by Michael Alvarez next … May 6th, 2020