Lake Jackson

by Brian Lee Water temperature: 52-58 degrees, lake level: full pool, water clarity: stained. Jackson Lake will only get better … February 20, 20170 14

March Full Moon

March 12th         Full Worm MoonFebruary 20, 20170 14

Lake Eufaula

by Capt Sam Williams Water temperature: mid 50’s, water level: 190.05 msl, clarity: river heavy stain, creeks dingy. The heavy rains … February 20, 20170 15

Florida Keys Editon

Florida Keys Fishing News

Lake Blackshear

February 20, 2017 15

March Solunar Table

February 20, 2017 15

Upcoming Tournaments

February 20, 2017 16

Bass Fishing Tournament Plan

February 20, 2017 14

Christmas Tree Rig

February 20, 2017 14

The Best Part of the Season

February 20, 2017 21


Black Drum Gold

Black drum may not get the "spot light" that their red fish kin get, but they certainly demand respect. They are a fish that fights hard.February 20, 2017 168

Darn, Now I Am Going To Have To Buy A New Boat! – Sailfish 236CC

Last week I got a call from my friend Bill Washburn in Sarasota. He wanted to know if I had seen the new Sailfish 236CC yet.February 20, 2017 42

Gulf Seasons Changes For Amberjack, Gray Trigger, and Gag

With the coming of 2017, several recreational fishing season changes in Gulf waters went into effect. The Florida Fish and … February 20, 2017 139

Cool Water Suspending

By Patrick Sebile: No matter where you are in North America, winter brings cold winds and sore throats to all. … February 20, 2017 116

Topic Section

Penetration and Hook Selection

The word “penetrate” means to pierce or pass into or through. Why should this simple concept be of such importance … February 19, 2017 25

An Autumn Sail Story

By Michael Landress: We blasted through the Boynton Inlet on the first full day of fall and set lines in … February 17, 2017 103

Catching Winter Cobia In The Keys

By John Steinhorst: February through April offers some of the most productive fishing of the year in the Florida Keys. … February 17, 2017 288

The Flats of Abaco

By Travis Cartwright-Carroll: We set out on a small boat shortly after 8 a.m. on a warm Wednesday morning. For … February 17, 2017 125