Holiday Gift Ideas

by Jake Worthington, Dec. 2016


Suddenly, the month of December has arrived and Christmas is right around the corner.  Many people ask me during the Christmas season what to buy for the fisherman in their life, so here are some gift ideas.

Gift Certificates are great presents for your fisherman.  Some fishermen are very particular about the type of fishing equipment they use, so a gift certificate allows them to buy exactly what they want.  Try to buy local when you buy these and keep the money in the neighborhood. Don’t limit gifts to just fishing gear because if your fisherman owns a boat, they would appreciate a gift certificate from their marina to use for oil, fuel stabilizers and service.  Local tackle shop certificates are also great because the fisherman can use it all year to grab what they may need on the way to the water.

Another great idea is a towing membership from Sea Tow or Boat US. This membership will give your fisherman piece of mind when they hit the water knowing they always have a ride in if the unexpected happens. Check with both services to see their operating areas before purchasing one.

If your fisherman likes to surf or pier fish, then make their day by buying them assorted lead weights. Every fisherman needs weights because the sea likes to take them on occasion. Also because the price of lead is so high these days, most fisherman don’t stock up like they used to because of the cost. Common size weights for most fishermen are pyramid 2, 3 and 4 ounce sinkers. Drum fisherman prefer the 8 ounce pyramids when they are casting the Drum Heavers.  If you want to package them distinctively, you can put them in a canvas bag with a red bow and you will have a happy fisherman for sure.

If you want to buy a high end gift for that special someone, then think about a Yeti or Pelican Brand Cooler. These coolers are tough and durable and really hold ice for days. However they start at about $225 for 20 quart coolers and go up to $1000 for 250 quart models.  You may have to ask your fisherman what size they prefer because a cooler can be too small or too big for their use.

If your fisherman needs a new reel then you are in luck because Penn Reels has just released their new Slammer Series of Spinning reels. These reels are designed with the fisherman in mind and they come in several different sizes to match your style of fishing.  Check with your local tackle shop to see what they have.

Finally if your fisherman belongs to a Fishing Club or other like minded organizations, then investigate buying them a Lifetime Membership in their organization. Many clubs such as the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club and the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association have these lifetime memberships available and once purchased your fisherman will never have to pay dues again.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous Fishing Year!!!