IBX November 2015 Fishing Report

Elaine Anderson of NC, Speckled Trout
Elaine Anderson of NC, Speckled Trout

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]all is coming in fast dropping water temps and getting fish frisky.

Trout are staging at mouths of creeks as they transition in as water cools more. They can be caught using soft and hard plastics. I prefer DOA CAL baits on 1/4 ounce jig heads or DOA Deadly Combo Shrimp. Don’t just cast and work shorelines as fish may be staged out away also. Hard plastics I like are Rapala Twitchin Rap and Storm Twitch Stick – Mirrolures are also very popular with the MR 17 being the most used but don’t forget old school 38s and 52s – great lures most don’t know about or forgot how good they are.

The Rock are still active through the winter around New Bern and can be caught jigging DOA CAL baits on 1/4 oz. jigs – chartreuse and white most popular on deep ledges and bridges but also top water in structure using Rapala Skitter Walk or Storms new Arashi Top Walker.

Colder water means extra safety. If you go overboard your body temperature drops very fast. Be careful.