Recipe Corner

This issue’s Jimmy Ts Recipe will, for sure, get your mind and taste buds going. We have decided to combine an old favorite with new and local flavors.

Tempura Fried Lobster Bites with a Buffalo and Sweet Chili Sauce


• 1 Pound of lobster meat pulled from the tail

• Cut the pieces into 1 inch pieces

• Marinate with garlic and Jimmy T’s cajun spice

• 1 box of tempura batter

• Make the tempura batter mix with sesame oil

and add a few ice cubes with cold water, the

batter should be liquid, as it rests it will tighten

up, let rest for at least 10 minutes or longer

• Heat fry oil to 350 degrees Fahrenheit

• In a separate sauté pan, heat a blend of

butter and oil

• Slice 2 cloves of garlic

• 5 slices of pickled ginger

• 1 cup of Jimmy T’s original hot sauce

• 1 cup sweet chili sauce

• 2 tbls of butter

• 1 tbls of pickled ginger water


• Sauté the garlic until brown, add ginger and all other ingredients until the butter has melted, and remove from heat.

• Start dipping the lobster in the batter and working one at a time dropping in the oil, only about 5 pieces at the most and allow them to become golden brown, about 7 minutes.

• Remove with a slotted spoon to a paper towel or drain rack.

• When all is lobster nuggets are fried, move the fried pieces to a mixing bowl.

• Reheat the sauce and spread evenly but not too saucy over all the pieces and serve.

This is new and popular favorite with our fishing groups that have us cater when they return from a full day of fishing, relaxing in the condo or home they have rented! Check out our catering menus on our website.

Happy Eating – Chef Jimmy T

As a former chef on a megayacht, Jimmy T’s owner Jimmy Tancrell, often had difficulty finding local suppliers who could provide the foodstuffs and condiments necessary for the gourmet meals expected by his clients. During long days at sea under star-filled skys, the crew and staff would talk about their dreams of ‘life after yachting’.  And for Jimmy Tancrell a dream was born … to provide a service for other ‘yachty’ chefs who were in the same boat as Jimmy so far as the need for adequately stocking their galleys with condiments, spices, good beef, fresh vegetables, fruits and cheeses.

Life after yachting led him to Los Suenos at Herradura on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast where Jimmy had already discovered the year ’round availability of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables offered on Fridays at Jaco’s Mercado Movil or farmers market. A store became available dockside at Los Suenos and Jimmy T’s Provisions and Gourmet foods opened in May 2007.

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