Recipe Corner

Fresh vegetables!! In Costa Rica, the grow almost and kind of produce you can think of, because of the elevation of the Central Valley, the diversity of both coastlines and the advancement of hot house gardening. We get to enjoy these spoils all year long, with multiple harvests. This recipe has the opportunity to use whatever fresh vegetables available to you, adding a rich tomato sauce, and enjoying what these beautiful oceans provide us with in daily nourishment.



• 3 cloves of garlic, sliced thin

• 1pound of fresh vegetables, we use carrot, baby

zucchini, bróccoli and slow roasted tomato

• 1 pound penne pasta

• 2 cups homemade tomato sauce

• 12 piece jumbo 16-20 shrimp peeled and clean

with tail section left on

• 5 leaves fresh basil

• 1/2 Parmesan ground

• Crush red pepper if desired

• Generous amount of olive oil,

add to and finish with


















Method of Prep

• Slow roast tomato, wedge tomato pieces and

season, place in 200 degree oven for 1 hour, until

soft and skin is easily removed

• Steam vegetables, add small amount of water to a

tall pan with lid, add salt

• Add vegetables and cook until still crunchy

• Cook pasta al dente

• Place a generous amount of olive oil in a large

skillet on medium heat, add garlic

• Sauté until it turns brown but not black

• Add shrimp, being careful to place individually

so not to stack, increase heat on your pan and toss

gently, being sure to cook both sides of the shrimp,

but not burning the garlic. Add the steam vegetables

and toss to warm, but not cook

• Remove ingredients from the pan into a large bowl

• Add tomato sauce and cooked pasta and heat

through, scraping the pan gently with a wooden

spoon to add the flavors of the previous ingredients

to the sauce.

• Remove 4 pieces of shrimp for presentation

• Toss the remaining shrimp, vegetables, sauce and

pasta together aggressively

• Plate 4 servings, placing the reserve shrimp on top,

chopped basil, Parmesan cheese and chili flakes if


• Try a Chianti or nice Pinot Noir to pair

• Buen provecho!!

As a former chef on a megayacht, Jimmy T’s owner Jimmy Tancrell, often had difficulty finding local suppliers who could provide the foodstuffs and condiments necessary for the gourmet meals expected by his clients. During long days at sea under star-filled skys, the crew and staff would talk about their dreams of ‘life after yachting’.  And for Jimmy Tancrell a dream was born … to provide a service for other ‘yachty’ chefs who were in the same boat as Jimmy so far as the need for adequately stocking their galleys with condiments, spices, good beef, fresh vegetables, fruits and cheeses.

Life after yachting led him to Los Suenos at Herradura on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast where Jimmy had already discovered the year ’round availability of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables offered on Fridays at Jaco’s Mercado Movil or farmers market. A store became available dockside at Los Suenos and Jimmy T’s Provisions and Gourmet foods opened in May 2007.