Lake Martin Feb 2020

Capt. David B. Hare

January was an awesome month for big stringers of stripers on Lake Martin. We had a lot of trips that boated 20-50 fish on a 6-hr trip. Now with the boat shows behind us (thanks to all of you who stopped by our booths) we are ready to continue to some winter type fishing this month.

February we will continue to fish for stripers down lining live baits. The quantity of catches should remain on the high side along with the quality will start getting better the later it gets in the month. February some years brings a little challenge of water clarity if we have torrential rain fall. With Lake Martin having 44,000 acres of water you’ll always be able to find somewhere along its 800 miles of shoreline that the fish are holding and just waiting on the right bait or lure to come by for an ambush bite.

I personally like starting my day off in the middle part of the lake and then I have easy access to run north or south based on water temp and clarity. If the weather is a little warmer than normal and the water clarity is good, then I like fishing on north end if clarity and temps are not to the fishes liking then I just simply run south. If your fishing Sunday thru Friday you shouldn’t have a problem finding an awesome fishing spot however in February if your fishing on a Saturday you could be covered up with tournament boats or bass boats practicing for the many tournaments this great reservoir host . Don’t be afraid to fish the same spot that someone just left who knows you may approach the same spot with a different tactic and catch a limit of fish.

February is still going to have some dangerously cold weather with very cold water temperatures so as always come prepared for the worse and always wear a PFD if you were to accidentally end up in the water you will not survive very long without it!

Remember when running the creek channels or the river channel this month to always be alert of all the boats that will be trolling for crappie or stripers. February kicks off this type of fishing and the last thing you want to do is be involved in an accident.
If you’re ready for some awesome fishing on Lake Martin give me a call or text at 256-401-3089 and I’ll handle the rest.
In the meantime, follow us on fbook alexcityguideservice/ Lake Martin for daily catch postings.

Capt. David B. Hare
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