My 1st Blackfin Tuna

Amy Russello caught this Blackfin Tuna in Gulf of Mexico.

Went fishing offshore about 75 miles for American Red Snapper and while we were deep dropping, the captain threw a line on a spinning rod out the back with a free lining bait. It soaked for a while and then suddenly the line took off and the drag started screaming. I threw my deep dropping rig in a rod holder and grabbed the spinning rod and just held on with all I had. I would reel and then it would run, I would reel and it would run some more; it took a little bit but I finally gained some ground on him. Just as he was getting close to the surface I felt him turn and I knew he was making a run for the motors so I backed up and reeled at the same and got him turned just enough that the captain was able to gaff him as he sailed along the side of the boat before he could take off and make another run on me. Probably the best solo fight I’ve had with a fish so far.