2021 Central Florida Shootout

Thank you to all our sponsors and participants! We hope to see everyone on Sunday, May 16th at Pineda Inn for the awards!

Results for the 2021 Central Florida Shootout below:

Eddie Lebron 40.8
Adam Lovell 38.0
Sam Delaney 35.8

Rick Cofer 39.2
Cody Evans 27.9
Briggs Kilbourne 25.4

Henry Roy 38.9
Jarrett Baron 38.4
Mark Holland 37.4

Tile Fish
Edmond Leviste 34.5
Todd Smith 27.00
Chris McKinney 26.8

Yellow Edge
Alexis Jones 38.7
Brandon Taylor 35.7
Jonah Baker 35.5

Jim Gagen 7pounds 15ounces
Alex Mirling 6pounds 5ounces
Josh Rhein 5pounds 10ounces

Devin Spicer 8pounds 2ounces
Richard Baden 6pounds 8onces
Zack Young 5pounds 7ounces

Garrett Mulder 12pounds
Tucker Perry 11pounds 4ounces
Casey Gulick 9pounds 14onces

Shawn Beck 46.3

Dustin Schmidt 16.2

Keith Roberts 30

Ladies Offshore
Alexis Jones 38.7 Yellow Edge
Sam Delaney 35.8 King
Mikayla Clouser 29.9 AJ
Tara Whitehead 28.7 AJ

Ladies Inshore
Julia Canestrari – 9pounds 2ounces
Diane Sapp – 8pounds 13ounces
Christina Saridakis – 7pounds 1ounce
Angee Tickle – 4pounds 4 ounces
Amanda Hinds – 3pounds 8 ounces
*We had Julia marked as a junior angler and have updated the board to reflect that she is a lady angler not a junior- with a ticket

Junior Inshore
Jace Canestrari 9pounds 2 ounces Jack C
Jack Yost 7pounds 7ounces Jack C
Junior Offshore
Adam Lovell 38 King
Hunter Taylor 30.9 AJ
Mikayla Clouser 29.9 AJ
Chris Cofer 23.1 Mahi
Collin Leviste 22.8 Yellow Edge
John Bradley 21.8 Tile
Hunter Taylor 21.7 Tile
Addison Black 21.5 King
** We love our junior anglers and want to keep our kids and your kids fishing! Every junior who weighed a fish will be recognized at the awards and receive a prize!

For more info visit https://centralfloridashootout.com

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