400-Pound Goliath Grouper Caught in South Carolina

Words, photos and video by @FishingChartersHHI


You work your whole life in the ocean for a moment like this. This maybe the first giant Goliath Grouper ever caught inshore in Beaufort County, SC. We were fishing for monster sharks and had lost a good hook up when this fish ate the bait. It didn’t act like a shark but I couldn’t imagine it would be anything else. It was the last thing I expected to see come up after an hour fight. I’m estimating the weight to be in the vicinity of 400 lbs. Of course having never caught one or even seen one I may be off a little. Wow. I’m still in disbelief. Needless to say it put wind in our sails to keep on pushing.  We stayed with it until we watched it swim away healthy. It is illegal to remove these from the water.


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