Why the Trailer Matters

Why the
Trailer Matters
You are getting ready to buy that spectacular new boat, but have you questioned what trailer will come with it? Is the frame galvanized or aluminum? Is the trailer welded or bolted together? Is it custom fit to the boat you are purchasing? What is the warranty for the trailer and the components?
If you are like many boat buyers, you may get wrapped up in the beauty and features of the new boat you are purchasing and forget the important question of how you will tow it. Charleston-area boat dealers handle trailer sales in a variety of ways. Some dealers package a trailer with their boats, while others see trailers as optional for their boats. However, it’s very important to take the time to look at the trailer that is coming with your boat or to discuss trailer options with your boat dealer.
What may seem obvious is often not, so make sure that the trailer is sufficient to tow the boat. Do the math for yourself to be sure the trailer you are buying can handle the weight you are towing. You can do this by adding the weight of the trailer, the dry weight of the boat, the weight of the motor(s), 6 pounds per gallon of fuel, 8 pounds per gallon of water, the estimated weight of your ice chests and other gear you’ll carry in the boat. The total weight needs to be at or below the rating on the GVWR sticker on the trailer. If your number maxes out the trailer, or is above the capacity, you need to think about another trailer.
Although it may be convenient to buy a trailer from your boat dealer, it is not a necessity. Charleston Trailer will custom-build a trailer for your new or current boat in our shop in North Charleston. We build only aluminum trailers with stainless steel hardware and LED lights. Our trailers come with a 5-year limited warranty and a lifetime frame warranty. Best of all, if you’re buying a new boat, many lenders will allow you to package a Charleston Trailer into your loan. Many locals, in the know, choose Charleston Trailer for all their repair, maintenance, parts and new trailer needs.