Youth Report

Lionfish are an invasive species that are taking over the Atlantic Ocean. A few weeks ago my dad, some members from the fishing club, and I went to the Miami Science Barge’s Sustainable Fishing Series, which taught us about South Florida’s lionfish invasion and what can be done to help mitigate its effects. There was a presentation from the nonprofit REEF. They first taught us how to safely collect the lionfish and some handling techniques. We then learned how to properly dissect and fillet them. We all received fillets for dinner and tri-tip spares to help in the removal of this very invasive species.  I made bacon wrapped lionfish as an appetizer and we used a key lime and cilantro rub on the fillets for dinner. The Lionfish is a light, flakey, and mild fish. It is delicious, and I would highly recommend it.

My dad and I just signed up for the 4earth Lionfish Derby at the Miami Seaquarium and the Lamar Louise Curry Fishing Club will have a tent at the event to help educate about sustainable fishing and the invasive Lionfish.

Grace Gillis

President, Lamar Louise Curry Middle School Fishing Club