A Fly-In Wilderness Fishing Adventure

Maine Outdoors Adventures with Twin Maple Outdoors 
By Richard Yvon – Twin Maple Outdoors

Photo: “The Fly- In” by Richard Yvon

Wilderness fly-in adventures can be described as one of the most fun, exhilarating and relaxing experiences one can experience on an outdoor adventure in Maine. Most remote lakes in northern Maine provide some of the world’s most treasured cold-water species such as Lake Trout, Brook Trout and the threatened Artic Char (Blueback Trout). The wilderness experience lends itself to observe eagles, moose, loons along with a spectacular celestial sky. To participate on a remote fly-in trip does not mean doing without as you might expect. Eating your favorite dish while sitting by the fire, drinking your favorite beverage and sleeping off the ground in a comfy cot, well… it’s what the doctor ordered! Flying is not glamping by any means given weight restrictions for each person, but there is plenty of room for making it comfortable and enjoyable!

Photo: “The FireDisc Cooker” by Richard Yvon

Wilderness cooking has traditionally been on an open fire. Sometimes there are no firepits or grills where you are camping, so now what? To leave no trace and cook anywhere, we have found a very practical, reliable and brilliant solution! This new cooker that we use at Twin Maple Outdoors has changed the way we do food! Having portability, convenience, and functionality is what we needed on our trips and now, it’s what we have. Weather we are grilling, frying, baking, or steaming we can now cook it all with ease. Here is a new product taking the outdoor cooking industry by storm. If you have an outdoor cook in your family then this will make the perfect holiday gift!

Photo: “Maine’s Arctic Char” (Blueback Trout) by Richard Yvon

Wilderness adventuring in Maine is considered a treasure and something on most outdoorsman bucket list. The frontier land located in the northeast is considered a jewel in the eastern range. The area has an extensive, intact wild self-sustaining populations of brook trout and heritage fish water. The Blueback trout can only be found in 11 of the last remaining waters that support the native, wild populations in the continental United States.

Maine’s wild trout waters are found throughout the state, but are most prevalent in the interior highlands, many of which are located in privately owned commercial forestlands. This boreal forest region provides more optimal conditions with fewer competing, non-native, invasive fish species than the southern or coastal parts of the state. Maine’s native and wild trout lakes, ponds, and flowing waters represent a unique and abundant resource not available elsewhere in the United States.

The Moose is the largest of the deer family and can be spotted while flying in because of the vast aerial view and remote location, they can be found feeding on that remote lakes or ponds. Moose like cool summers as only a boreal forest can provide.

Photo: “Mt Katahdin from the Air” by Richard Yvon

To see The Maine Highlands from the air is to truly appreciate how grand and spectacular this frontier really is. Maine is home to over 2500 ponds and lakes, the largest which is Moosehead Lake with over 116 square miles. Flora and fauna represent a combination of subarctic and Appalachian species. Forests include softwood stands of pine, spruce, and fir. Beech, sugar maple, yellow birch, aspen, paper birch is just some of the stands of hardwoods. Among the fauna are animals such as pine martin, deer, moose, black bear, fox, lynx, hare, raccoon, coyote, porcupine, fisher, and bobcats.

Mt Katahdin is Maine’s tallest mountain which peaks at 5,268 ft. Its top summit is a start or end to the Appalachian trail which runs between Mt. Katahdin and Springer Mt. in Georgia. The trail is the largest hiking only trail in the world at 2,200 miles long. These facts are truly impressive but does not compare to the personal experience of visiting for yourself. Maine should be on everyone’s bucket list to do especially for the adventurer or naturalist at heart.

If you are interested in a Northern Maine Outdoor Adventure, please reach out to Rich!

About Richard Yvon…Rich is a full time Registered Maine Guide and Luxury Sporting Lodge operator. He is a “Certified Yamaha G3 Guide” that runs fly and spin fishing trips with a G3 Jet boat and drift boat. Located in Bradford Maine, Rich guides World Class Maine hunting, fishing and recreation adventures. As well as guiding, Rich is also an outdoor writer, tree farmer, fly-fishing and certified NRA firearms instructor. Spending time in Maine’s North Woods has provided a canvas for Rich to share his passion of the outdoors with all walks of life. When Rich is not in the field, he sits as a director for The Maine Highlands of Maine Tourism. By contributing to the board of directors, he is in constant communication with visitors, guides, lodges and business owners in Maine promoting the outdoors and conservation.

*Due to limited space, booking in advance is highly recommended.

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