A Great Time!

Capt. Bart Marx

February in SW Florida, with the chill in the water and the air, it is a great time to go and do some fishing! Targeting sheepshead and flounder this month with the cool waters, they should be feeding. The sheepshead should be around the docks closest to the Gulf, also on the close reefs and small ledges. The flounder will be alongside docks and piers that have sand and moving water, they too can be found in the sand around the near shore reefs in the sand. A few years back we were fishing an artificial reef catching sheepshead on one side of the boat next to the structure and on the other side in the sand flounder. Along the coast the pompano can be jigged up where there is swift moving water with pompano jigs tipped with just a bit of shrimp to sweeten it up. Some like to fish from the beach in the passes and others like to drift in the boat to target pompano. In 30’ to 50’ range the white grunt and lane snapper bite should be good too bottom fishing.

Tom on our annual Young Life Trip with a nice trout!!

Also, we have a lot of visitors from the North, better known as snowbirds. There are some that have boats and need some instruction as to where and how to fish our area to shorten the learning curve. I call these training trips; I will go with you on your boat (Captain-for-Hire) with you and your best fishing buddy. This way I can give you plenty of attention. I have time to show you different things with your GPS and depth finder that will help you find fish. Also, different ways to rig your poles with most of the tackle you have already, to target different species. So, if you did not get what you wanted for Christmas you could ask friends or family to get you a gift certificate for a trip with Capt. Bart Marx with Alpha Omega Charters to go with him on his boat or he could come on your boat to learn some new skills to target certain species. Always remember singing drags and tight lines make me smile. <*(((((>{