Action Craft Releases New Generation III 1720

Action Craft Boats is pleased to announce the latest addition to their successful lineup of flats fishing boats. The Model 1720 Gen III. The new 1720 focuses on the ergonomics of the anglers in mind. The addition of a small bait well in the bow casting platform alleviates the need to move to the stern of the boat to rebait while fishing. This small bait well is large enough to hold two dozen shrimp or other small bait and then be replenished from the main bait well when they run out. Keeping the angler in the game while cruising the mangroves and preventing missed opportunities of catching fish.

To achieve this, the design team moved the redesigned fuel tank from beneath the bow casting platform to under the deck in the stringers. This opened up the space needed for the bait well and also provides additional storage space in the large hold in the casting platform.

Action Craft has also designed a one person leaning post and raised helm console to provide a more comfortable helm position. The fold down bench seat that Action Craft is famous for is now more comfortable and spacious than ever; giving the new 1720 unmatched comfort for both the captain and passengers. According to Steve Washington the VP of Sales and Marketing, “The worst part of any flats boat has been the lack of comfort for the helm, especially for tall anglers. While the small consoles are efficient, they are very uncomfortable to use for longer runs. Looking behind the boat while sitting down is also very difficult to do at speed. Being able to stand at the leaning post allows you to be comfortable and have great visibility.”

These significant changes to comfort and ergonomics were made while keeping the company’s most popular model easy to trim and run. With the same shallow draft as before, this Gen III 1720 is ready for any inshore fishing opportunity and long runs in choppy water. Available in fiberglass and Kevlar Hybrid each boat is made to order.

The addition of the leaning post and raised helm console is not limited to the 1720. It can be ordered in all of the flats boats, 17’ and above. For taller anglers, the leaning post can be ordered specifically to your height requirements, really making these boats “custom” builds.