Adventures in Boating

By Tiffany Packard

In 2004 I moved to SW Florida to pursue a real estate career. Like every other newcomer, I was attracted to the waterfront “paradise” and everything the area has to offer including outdoor experiences, fishing, kayaking, SUPing (Stand up Paddle), pristine beaches, mangroves, wildlife encounters- I was hooked. One of my favorite real estate challenges is finding the right waterfront property to match my avid boating clientele. For a long time, I helped boaters find their dream home, but something was missing—I had the dream location, all I needed was my very own boat!  So, I finally took the plunge and I purchased a dinged up 20-foot Hurricane Deck Boat. It was perfect—plenty of room for refreshments, family, fishing gear, and my pets, too. Come time for our maiden voyage, I loaded the gear—fishing poles, cooler full of beverages, sunscreen, towels—what could possibly go wrong? I found out that beginner’s luck does not apply to boating, so come time for us to head out, the boat won’t start. Try as I may the darn thing won’t turn over. Picture this, a bunch of eager, clueless adults stranded in a boat slip for hours trying to troubleshoot. One of us was Googling the Owner’s Manual, another was adding oil, someone was checking and double checking the gas lines, but NOTHING would work. Hours later I figured it out.  You see, apparently, there’s a thing called a “KILL” switch on boats.  It’s a safety feature that I was not aware of.  Well mine works perfectly J

If you’re looking for a boating expert, I am not your first mate, but one thing I do know is how to find you the right waterfront property where can park that boat. So, if you’re looking for the right waterfront property or your dream home, I’m your Realtor!  Until the next Adventure…


Tiffany Packard

Waterfront Property Expert and Novice Boater