Alabama Red Snapper Season Reopens Sept. 29

After evaluating landings data, Alabama has decided to re-open its red snapper season starting Sept. 99 for four-day weekends until the federal quota is met.

Alabama’s 2023 federal allocation of red snapper is 591,185 pounds. The 2023 red snapper season initially closed on Sept. 4. A review of landing data by MRD has revealed that 15,671 pounds of Alabama’s federal red snapper quota remains available for harvest.

“At the end of each season we make a thorough review of the landing reports and our surveys and calculations to ensure we have an accurate accounting of how much red snapper has been landed in Alabama,” said Scott Bannon, Marine Resources Division director. “These quality control measures have identified the remaining available amount of our red snapper quota. We are reopening the season to provide full access to this important fishery and to make sure we are managing it responsibly.”
ADCNR Commissioner Chris Blankenship said reef fish management at the state level is the most efficient and effective way to ensure the sustainability of the fishery and provide access to quality outdoor recreation for anglers.

“Under state management we are able to respond very quickly to the data and provide maximum access to red snapper for our anglers,” Commissioner Blankenship said. “Under the federal system, a closure date would be estimated and then it would take several months, at a minimum, to determine how many fish were caught. We are able to make that determination in days. ADCNR will continue working to ensure our citizens and visitors have access to the incredible red snapper fishery off the coast of Alabama.”

Red snapper landing information from the 2021-2023 seasons is available at

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