A Resolution to Reflect

By: Brendon Allen

Living in Florida year-round, it is easy to take for granted the beauty and abundance of experiences we have at our fingertips. The swaying of a sabal palm on a breezy day, the soft lapping of waves on a sandy shore, and the abrupt pull of a monster fish feel simultaneously close yet so far away for many of us. The demands of modern life require us to create routines that can easily turn into cages if we’re not careful.

Most of us know the value of pausing and taking a moment to appreciate what we have, but how many of us actually take the time to do it?
When visiting mountainous parts of the country, I often envy the local population’s constant exposure to the towering peaks that serve as daily reminders of nature’s majesty. Florida’s majesty can be found in places large and small; however, our greatest treasure, the ocean, is often hidden from us as we make our daily commutes. One of the many drawbacks to living at sea level. This is why moments of reflection, and subsequent planning, are so important. When inspiration strikes, don’t hesitate to call a friend to see if they’re free to fish, or plan a weekend with the family to your favorite beach.

These moments can be restorative and are easily obtained, despite our many distractions, with the proper resolution.
As Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “it is remarkable how easily and insensibly we fall into a particular route and make a beaten track for ourselves.” Don’t let the beaten track of honking horns and the artificial glow of high-resolution gadgets replace the melodic chirping of willets or the last light of a setting sun. Just like the flashing lights in the rear-view mirror as you make your way home from work, these things are closer than they appear.